Current projects


Bone loss & AD

DEXA scan of htau mouse
  • Bone loss as an early indicator of brain injury in Alzheimer’s disease (AD)
  • Systemic alterations in Wnt/Beta-catenin signaling in tauopathy model mice with early bone loss (collaboration with Cooper Lab, NEOMED)
  • Targeting protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) to address prodromal symptoms and tauopathy in AD
  • Genetic and nanoscale indicators of bone remodeling deficits in AD mice (collaboration with Cooper Lab, NEOMED)
  • Bone remodeling changes after pollution exposure in trangenic rats (collaboration with Lein Lab, UC-Davis)


Serotonin & AD

      TPH2 expression in dorsal raphe
  • Serotonin-tau interactions and bone loss in AD
  • Early neuropharmacological profiles in AD model mice (collaboration with Richardson Lab, NEOMED)


Vision, glaucoma & AD

Christine Crish’s retina looks evil!
  • Pathological changes in the visual pathway in AD (collaboration with S.Crish Lab, NEOMED)
  • Axonal transport deficits in the primary visual projection of AD model mice (collaboration with S.Crish Lab, NEOMED)
  • Integrity of the retinoraphe projection in AD (collaboration with S.Crish and Schofield Labs, NEOMED)



Ptau and microtubule disruption
  • Tau pathology after toxin exposure in Parkinson’s disease model mice (collaboration with Fleming Lab, NEOMED)
  • Poikilothermia and resistance to tauopathy in naked mole-rats


We are also biological resource providers of naked mole-rats for the following researchers:  
                         NMR sharing a bite
  • Mellott and Schofield Labs, NEOMED
  • Kissil Lab, SCRIPPS
  • Tsvetkov Lab, University of Texas Houston Health Sciences